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In 2014, at the peak of global warming concerns, we decided to shift our focus, from the  Non-Renewable Energy industry of Oil & Gas, to the clean, renewable and sustainable Solar Energy to make a crucial change for the better. And we never looked back since. 

Soon, we realized that there are no appropriate technical standards in this relatively young industry. So, we applied the high oil & gas industry standards into the solar energy industry, while maintaining the minimum cost. By using only high quality products, optimum designs and employing extensively trained contractors.



Start as consultation company for several Solar FiT project in IPOH


Start to perform turnkey project for Solar FiT in Selangor


Turn key projects for individual FIT customers in Melaka, KL, and Selangor


Playing the Consultant role for industrial factory automation + adding 

more Solar Turn


Start the energy efficiency and Solar commercial project for Solar 

system under the NEM Scheme


Completed our first 2 Industrial Solar Projects for Lee Thian Soo Reality 

and Malaysia Smelting Corporation Bhd + more Domestic projects added


2020 Contributing in starting the Smelting Furnace and completing our 

third Industrial project for Plastic STC Sdn Bhd + more domestic solar 



It is time for the renewable energy to take place of the fossil fuel energy generation. It is the best for our planet, environment. As the fossil fuel prices keep getting higher and electricity bills follows, while the clean energy generation cost is almost free using the nature resources.
Investment in the solar energy is a long terms investment, so we make sure to prepare the most optimum system design and use the highest quality materials, so our client can enjoy 25 years of smooth and free electricity generation.
Safety is one of our highest and most important values. So, we consider safety first all the time while designing the systems, installing it and while testing and commissioning as well to ensure the system will be safely operating all the time.