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Solar Grid Connected System (on-Grid)

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Net Energy Metering is a mechanism where consumers can use their own generated solar energy during day time in parallel with TNB. Excess Energy Generated will be exchanged with TNB for a credit that can be utilized later. SOLAR BEE is authorized from SEDA to provide projects and service for the solar systems under NEM Scheme.

Stand-Alone Solar System

We are offering a various range of energy solutions for off-grid systems for the remote areas housing, water pumping or farms; those solutions are the replace the fuel electricity generators as a good step to avoid the hassle of fueling the power generators and reduce the running cost.

Science Reducing the consumed electricity is one of the best ways to reduce the production and operation cost, we help our clients to find the best way to reduce the electricity consumption using our smart solutions. Energy efficiency solution cost less with a much high impact on the operation cost.

Solar Bee Sdn Bhd has a large experience in control systems and factory automation, in 2017 we got a consultation contract with one of the largest smelting companies in Malaysia, our scope was to commission and startup their new factory in Klang Port. We managed DCS, several types of PLC systems, large furnaces, bag house and safety PLC design and implementation.

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